My Supplements

Let’s talk supplements… So, everyday I take two lots of supplementation; thanks to my fantastic kinesiologist. I have one load at breakfast and the next at supper time. As we know I have digestive issues and I struggle with eczema, these four beauties help immensely! So I take 4 supplements:

  • Cyto-zyme
  • MSM
  • Mallow Plus
  • Clover Plus

I thought I would share with you the use for each of them and how they help me everyday. Of course in addition to this I like to adjust my diet to help my digestion as well. So, I also eat lots of leafy greens, oily fish, alfalfa sprouts, sauerkraut, chia seeds and pumpkin seeds and lots of hot water and lemon!!!

Without further a do lets go through these magical supplements:

  1. Cyto-zyme is amazing as it provides support for the adrenal gland (you know that place that produces adrenaline – the ‘fight or flight response). It helps me so much with my fatigue and helps me stay focused throughout the day. It’s also great for poor digestion ladies like myself and helps balance my hormones!
  2. MSM is an organic compound that contains sulphur, I use it as it improves immune function and lessens inflammation in the body. Sulphur is regarded as the fourth most important mineral in the body and helps mine reach it’s full potential each day. MSM has many benefits but I use it mostly because it helps improve digestion (Leaky Gut Syndrome). But it also helps repair skin by helping to maintain collagen and keratin (sulphur is great for this) – a little tip to improve MSM further is if you take it alongside Vitamin C (Kiwi, Berries and Citrus Fruits), Vitamin E (Nuts and seeds, avocado and Oils) and Vitamin A (Sweet potato, Kale and Tuna). Other benefits of taking MSM include: restoring hair growth, helping the body adapt to stress and aiding muscle recovery.
  3. Mallow Plus is another natural plant based supplement. It’s great for my bloated belly as it helps with stomach and bladder complaints. It contains a mucus-like compound that soothes both the throat and mouth. It helps with issues such as: stomach upset, diarrhoea, bladder problems, bronchitis, irritation of the mouth and throat and dry coughs.
  4. Clover Plus is fantastic for treating respiratory conditions but also helps with wound healing for people like me who – if I hadn’t already mentioned – have skin issues, eczema and rashes. Some studies have even shown that it can also help with bone density and heart health.

And there you have it, my digestive supplements! I take two pills daily of each – one with breakfast and one with supper. But I take four clover plus pills daily.

I’ll make a quick disclaimer here. I am in no way a doctor or here to say that everyone should take these supplements, but they work wonders for me. I also thought i’d just acknowledge, it took me a while to get in to taking them because although they’re completely natural — the pills are pretty hefty! But I promise you they’re so worth it!


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