The Bloated Belly

Suffice to say I have had many an issue with my stomach. I have struggled for years with the bloated belly, at first I didn’t know what it was and now I still don’t feel much the wiser. Lactose intolerance is such a hassle that can make you feel embarrassed, inconvenient and rude simultaneously.

I’d got a hold of it but a few years ago, I knew what was wrong, I’d fixed it and was feeling energised and motivated to do anything. I did yoga everyday; I was the zenist individual you could meet! Alas this never lasts too long with me, something as simple as the weather can change my food mood, the temperature could drop two degrees and I’d find myself doubling my portion of pasta – all be it wholewheat – but still, a little ridiculous. Safe to say I lost my sense of thinking I understood my body and the fuel it needed.

I decided to switch it up and go for a high protein low sugar diet — it seemed to work for all of these slinky health youtubers, why shouldn’t it work for me? The only slight issue and a fact about me that’s important to know is that I love mangoes and when I say this I mean I really LOVE mangoes, have them dried, fresh, frozen, tossed in a salad, blended in a smoothie. They are delicious! And whilst I’m getting carried away with that may I take this opportunity to tell you I love all fruit – well except papaya, I mean what is that about?? It takes like someone’s thrown up in my mouth. Thus, the whole Atkins style diet just wasn’t for me.

I’ll interject with a quick disclaimer here, I go to the gym three times a week and always manage to get in my quota of 15000 steps a day; so, I am in no way fat or unhealthy but you know when you just don’t feel right in your stomach. I think it’s something like 20% of the population is effected by a food intolerance – and that’s just the wimps like me who actually bother to get it checked out.

So this fancy new higher protein higher fat diet I was testing did not like my stomach at all. Don’t get me wrong, I kept to my ever-faithful principles of whole foods but of course the bloated belly then decided to come back with a vengeance. I think I just need to accept that carbs and I will always be best friends! I’m not complaining.

What to do with this bloated belly? Supplements!! That was the ticket, but honestly looking for the right supplement is like searching for the perfect book when you go on holiday, you don’t want to get it wrong because you don’t want to waste your money on it or more importantly a week of your life having to deal with a crappy read. So I turned to my trusty father, worshipper of Holland & Barrett, very hip and happening with herbal remedies. He gave me a contact for a Kinesiologist — bit of a hard one to digest I know. The experience I had is enough to warrant a whole other blog believe me but she was fantastic! I’ve now been kitted out with every important digestive cheerleader going. And I’ll be starting my course of them towards the end of the week, I’m praying that it works.

So let’s all come together and take a moment to say goodbye to you bloated belly. As my irish mother would say you can ‘feck awf’!!


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